DIY: Denim Hair Bow

 I love bows, I always's kind of an obsession. I have a bow tattoo, my logo is a bow I just think they are a symbol that represents a lot about me. So I decided that making a bow couldn't be too hard. I have a velvet one from American Apparel that is my absolute favorite but it also cost me around $12. I used that one as a template and this is what I came up with.

Step 1: Cut out your fabric

You're gonna need two pieces of fabric that are the same size about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches. I just cut a chunk of leg out of some old jeans. Make sure you remember that you have to account for the 1/4 inch of fabric that's going to disappear once you sew the two pieces together.

Step 2: Start sewing

Sew the two pieces of fabric together around the outside. Make sure you have the right sides facing each other. Leave a gap in the center bottom of the rectangles so that you can turn your bow inside out. A tip to get nice pointy corners once you turn it right side out is to trim the extra fabric around the corners on the inside diagonally.

 Step 3: Create your bow shape

 Squish your finished little pillow of fabric into a bow shape by folding it accordion style until its a shape that you like. To maintain this shape sew the center of the bow where its squished at all the way across with a zig-zag stitch. So you would sew it right where I'm pinching it at.

Step 4: Final touches

To create the middle band that is normally found on a bow take two small strips of fabric and sew them together like you did with the body of the bow. Only this time leave both ends open like a tube. Then turn it right side out and measure it to your bow, sew the ends together and then slide it on to the middle of your bow. Then you're finished! 

You can make a bow with pretty much any kind of fabric. I've done denim, linen, thick drape material, chiffon, and even lace. They were all very simple and I had no problems with any of them. To attach it to your hair you could trap a hair tie into the loop before you sew it shut or just use a bobby pin to stick it into your hair.


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